Coaching works for long term sustainment – A backcountry full immersion wilderness experience is a catalyst for transformation. Tune out from distractions and tune in to nature. When we add the elements of nature  – add the hard skills of self reliance – it helps wake up what truly matters. 

Habits and mindsets are your compass, guiding your journey. Just as a hiker checks their azimuth to correct their path, we too must evaluate our habits and mindsets, ensuring they’re leading us toward the life we want. Are we moving towards better health, improved relationships, and professional growth?

An azimuth check in this context becomes a moment of introspection and self-awareness. It’s about questioning if what we’re doing aligns with where we want to be. If not, it’s time to recalibrate, adjust our habits and mindsets, and change our direction.

Nature, with its inherent stillness and beauty, provides the perfect backdrop for these azimuth checks. The calmness of the wilderness silences the noise of our lives, allowing us to focus on our internal compass and the course it’s setting. The result? A more aligned, intentional, and fulfilling life journey. Just as an experienced hiker would never venture into the wilderness without a compass, we shouldn’t navigate life without frequent azimuth checks to ensure our habits and mindsets are guiding us to our desired destination. 

Each of us is a compass, our purpose is the North, yet many of us have lost our bearings. Burdened with the weight of the past, the clutter of the present, and the uncertainty of the future, our internal compasses often spin, lost, their needles wavering. That’s where our veteran, our retired Green Beret, steps in.

Imagine standing at the edge of the wilderness with this warrior sage, a man who has traveled the path of fire and fury, yet emerged with an inner calm that speaks volumes. He’s seen the best and worst of humanity, honed his spirit on the whetstone of adversity, and now dedicates his life to helping others navigate their own internal landscapes.

Aaron’s retreats are like stepping into the heart of a compass. With the techno-babble of modern life silenced, the whispering wisdom of the forest becomes your symphony, the rustling leaves your conversation, and the tranquil babble of the brook your meditation. The silence of nature is a poignant reminder of who we are at our core – human beings, not human doings.

Under the watchful eyes of this veteran guide, you’ll learn more than survival skills and bushcraft. You’ll learn the art of self-reliance, a lesson painted with strokes of courage and resilience. Aaron will guide you to your North Star, your purpose, helping you let go of the past like a snake shedding its skin, ready for a fresh journey. This is not just survival, but a transformation, a rebirth.