Aaron has created a new lens in which I see and involve myself in the world. Being on the cusp of fatherhood, new positions at work, and with the knowledge that I needed new tools in order to navigate the next step in my life Aaron help me make that move. Opening myself to new ways of thinking and growth I have been able to mature and grow in ways I would have never been able to do alone. Aaron worked alongside me when I knew, what got me here, isn’t going to get me to the next place.


I’ve had the distinct pleasure of knowing Aaron for around 4 years now through my involvement with Station Foundation as a Veteran Transition Mentor. He is an individual who puts true meaning to the word empathy, which we hear so frequently these days. Aaron came to Station and immediately partnered seamlessly with existing leadership and staff but also imprinted his own brand, thoughts and iterations on an ever-evolving veteran transition and family program environment all while adapting and thriving during a very challenging COVID environment, particularly for in person, multi person programs. Aarons own distinguished service in the Special Operations Forces community should also be mentioned. But he is always humble, discreet and modest about his military accomplishments. He constantly considers and reaches out to his brother veterans, partners and the broader family community for support and input. Through all these extremely immersive and time consuming undertakings, he somehow manages to always put his family and others first. I can highly recommend him most importantly as a human, but also as a hard working, intelligent and adaptive leader and team member.


I met Aaron in 2017 at the first Evryman Expedition to Yellowstone where he ran logistics for 25+ participants who showed up from all over the country with all their gear, their guile and their gall. He handled every aspect of the trip with patience, understanding, impeccable problem solving skills, a quit wit, an even quicker sense of humor and unparalleled efficiency befitting a decorated Green Beret. It was inspiring to be in his presence and humbling to be in his humanity – and that to me – is the essence of his strength as a leader, motivator, mentor, coach and person. He has an EQ to match his IQ and both of them are HQ (Highest Quality). If you’re considering working with Aaron in any capacity – coaching, events, expeditions, retreats you could not find a more capable individual, a more trustworthy partner or a more caring human being. Highly recommend.


Aaron is an uncommon man of integrity. His commitment to the greatness of others is evident in all interactions, including courageously holding himself and others to account when needed. He’s got a wealth of experience in leading others, and his own journey of development is a model for all of us to understand and emulate.


I cannot express enough how fantastic my experience with Aaron Blaine has been both professionally and personally. I had the privilege of organizing a program for my current unit, 75th Ranger Regiment at The Station. From the outset, Aaron seamlessly coordinated our logistics, provided immediate implementations of any changes requested, and ensured all aspect of our program were thoroughly thought through. It was a pleasure planning the program alongside him. More importantly, I was able to witness the strength of character in Aaron. His ability to create meaningful and intentional conversations is uncanny. He leads with confidence in vulnerability and there is no other option than to follow his lead. Aaron is the whole package. Professional, humble, always learning, Aaron never settles for good enough in any endeavour. I consider him a mentor, friend, and someone I would trust without hesitation.


I worked with Aaron for two years, and I reported to Aaron for the last year of that time together at The Station Foundation. As a leader, Aaron cares deeply about accomplishing the mission while taking care of the people around him. It is a fine balance that he does well. As a healer, Aaron is authentic and passionate. He connects deeply with others and stays with them through their journey. As a friend, he is always ready to listen and help. He connects current and prospective donors to our mission and accomplishments in a very transformative way. He is a very well-rounded leader in the non-profit space.


Aaron is one of the only men I’ve ever come across in my life that I wanted to be just like. Former Green Beret so it is more than evident that he is a fierce protector, but he can also access his deepest emotions on the drop of a dime – wow, that’s a gift. I trust Aaron completely. He has a heart of gold. I spent a week in the woods on a retreat with him and it was life changing. I have no doubt any client of his would grow immensely just by being in his presence.


I first met Aaron in the Spring of 2019 at a retreat he facilitated in Southern Ohio. As someone who wears many hats (full-time therapist, doctoral candidate, military veteran, father, and husband), I place a high value on self-care and discovery. What Aaron facilitated for myself and 50 other men at that retreat was powerful, moving, and unforgettable. Aaron has a unique ability to create a secure environment that facilitates personal transformation and growth. Working with Aaron enabled me to connect with nature, others, a true and deep sense of self, and provided me with a clear sense of direction– all with the awareness that I was deeply cared for and under the direction of an experienced guide. I left with a renewed sense of purpose, meaning, and urgency about life. Since then, I have continued to benefit personally and professionally from his influence. If you’re a helper in need of some help, a guide needing guidance, or a healer needing healing, I couldn’t recommend him to you more. You’ll be better for any time you spend with Aaron.


I served with Aaron in 19th Special Forces Group. Aaron was one of the finest soldiers I have ever served with. I hold him in the highest regard. Aaron will surpass all expectations and there is no challenge he cannot defeat. He has an uncanny ability to learn new fields and he maintains a high mental acuity. I highly recommend Aaron Blaine in any position at any time. He is and always will be a top tier candidate.


Aaron is a consummate professional with unparalleled patience, thoughtfulness, strategic thinking, drive and passion. His ability to remain calm and clearheaded while juggling a million things is astounding but his leadership skills and empathic abilities are what make him someone I feel lucky to have worked with. I can’t recommend him enough.


Aaron is remarkable. He’s one of those human-beings I lookup to and think, “geez, how can I borrow some of his ability to connect with others and communicate”, or “huh, let me find a way to build off his energy and relentless spirit”.

As a teammate, I saw him effortlessly but prescriptively deliver-on the finer points of highly nuanced and sensitive tactical operations; and then years later—in an almost 180 degree setting, I got to witness Aaron deeply and authentically connect with and empower a room full of strangers from all different creeds, backgrounds, and walks-of-life. To conclude that he’s a thought-partner, an expert communicator, a formidable force, or an empathetic leader would rob him of all his other dynamic abilities.

Any organization, team, or individual would supremely benefit from working with and befriending Aaron. I most certainly have.


I had the absolute privilege to join Aaron on a life-altering wilderness retreat in the summer of 2022. The Passage was one of the most impactful events I have ever been a part of, and I will forever be thankful to Arron for facilitating it. Aaron is a true professional whose compassion for service members is unmatched. His unique ability to connect with special operations veterans allows for deep, meaningful discussion and paves the way for growth and healthy transition. To say that I recommend Aaron and his impactful perspective on life would be a gross understatement. He would be a valuable asset to any team looking to grow and adapt in an ever-changing environment.


Aaron was my group facilitator at my first men’s retreat. He’s a tremendous leader, not just from his mind but from his heart. He’s dedicating to getting the most out of his group, and “leads from the front” by setting the example for the rest of us.